OSDrC® What's OSDrC

OSDrC® — One-Step Dry-Coating.
A technology that opens the door to a new world of pharmaceutical tablet manufacturing.
The keywords in this new world are "unique," high quality," "low cost." And "innovative."
OSDrC® makes the impossible, possible.
The secret to OSDrC® is an innovative first-of-its-kind manufacturing process and variable double-punch tableting technology. Simply by changing the punch, product development scientists can create new formulations and tablet configurations not possible with current manufacturing technology.

One-Step Dry-Coating Technology

One-Step Dry-coating technology

The OSDrC® rotary tableting machine, with its variable double-punch configuration, supports single-step manufacturing of pharmaceutical products. In addition to the commercial-scale production of conventional cored (tablet-within-a-tablet) tablets, this machine is ideal for manufacturing a variety of high-quality drug products at low cost. This innovative technology can also replace conventional sugar- and film-coated tablets.

Accurate & Flexible Control Technology

Accurate & Flexible Control Technology

OSDrC® technology allows placement of any number of cores of any shape into the tablet just where they need to be positioned for optimum delivery of active pharmaceutical ingredients (API). Misaligned cores are a thing of the past. This paves the way for high value-added drug formulation development, such as divided tablets with two cores, pulsatile tablets with three cores, and combination products.

Poor-Compressibility Encasing Technology

Poor-Compressibity Encasing Technology

OSDrC® technology allows incorporation of core ingredients with poor compressibility, such as magnesium stearate.
OSDrC® tablets with pellets as their core can replace conventional capsules.
OSDrC® paves the way for development of various novel drug formulations, such as new oral rapid disintegration tablets.