OSDrC® About Us

Sanwa Kagaku Kenkyusho as a member of the Suzuken Group develops, manufactures, and markets pharmaceuticals and diagnostic agents, and carries out market-driven activities in health creation areas.
Our activities are closely aligned with those of Suzuken, one of the greatest pharmaceutical wholesalers in Japan, enabling us to respond more effectively to customers' future needs.

Corporate name
Sanwa Kagaku Kenkyusho Co.,Ltd.
December 1953
President & CEO
Shusaku Isono
Business description
R & D, production and marketing of pharmaceuticals and diagnostics Contract manufacturing of pharmaceuticals
R & D
Pharmaceuticals Research Laboratories and CMC Research Laboratories work in concert for the development of new drugs and novel pharmaceutical technologies that will fill unmet needs in world pharmaceutical markets. R&D also runs a number of joint research programs with overseas research organizations.
A highly integrated central production management system is being developed that will control and coordinate the operations of our three production facilities, Fukushima Factory, Kumamoto Factory and Hokkaido Factory, so that the production of high-quality products, the low-cost operations and the secure supply of products are ensured.
Each of our medical or diagnostic representatives throughout Japan is connected by our own IT networks. They work to propagate information necessary for the safe and appropriate use of our ethical pharmaceuticals or diagnostic products to medical professionals.