OSDrC® Tablets

Because OSDrC® uses variable, double-punch technology to precisely and flexibly control placement of the core, it not only produces higher quality cored tablets than previously possible, but also enables development of various new solid dosage forms. Tablets with multiple cores and formulations that use poorly compressible substances as their cores can also be manufactured in a one-step operation. This technology allows product development scientists to devise new novel dosage forms and align capability with scientific creativity.

OSDrC® Provides Controlled Release

Precise OSDrC® positioning technology enables product development scientists to control the release of the API by altering the thickness of the outer coating. The ability to precisely position multiple cores allows the creation of tablet products with a variety of pulsatile drug release profiles.

Divided Core Tablets

OSDrC® technology also makes it possible to manufacture divided tablets with separate cores in a one-step operation, a feat not possible with current technology. For example, OSDrC® divided enteric tablets are among the world's first dividable enteric coated tablets. Because the core remains fully encased in the coating even when the tablet is divided, the intended release profile remains unaffected by dividing the tablet.

Cored Tablets with Poorly Compressible Cores

OSDrC® technology, which does not require a separate manufacturing process for the core, can even use powders with poor compressibility as the core matrix. As it is possible to directly encase core pharmaceutical powders with the outer coating, these powders can be used in oral rapid disintegration tablets. By using pellets in the core instead of powders, drugs that normally must be formulated as capsules can be produced as tablets. This technology will totally revamp current drug formulation design and manufacturing processes.

Oral Rapid Disintegration Tablets

OSDrC® OD tablets (Oral rapid Disintegration tablets) are the new concept tablet, which make it possible to design patient-friendly formulation. The API with poor compressibility can be contained in a tablet in high concentration and the tablet can be handled in the same way as conventional tablet because of good resistance to friability of the outer coating. Additionally, this technology adds functions such as taste masking and containment of high pharmacological APIs to the OD tablets.

Replacement for Sugar- and Film-Coated Tablets

OSDrC® technology can also produce cored tablets with extremely thin coats in a one-step process. OSDrC® tablets can therefore replace sugar- and film-coated tablets, substantially reducing manufacturing stages and production costs.

Core and Coat Shapes are also Variable

OSDrC® tablets do not have to be round. The shape of the core, coating thickness, and tablet configuration can be varied simply by changing the punches.